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Hi, I'm Becky! I'm a social media influencer who enjoys recommending books, creating English educational content and videos promoting UK tourism for Chinese social media.

I aim to produce videos which will encourage others to learn English and enjoy reading English books. I discuss parts of British Culture and language in my videos. I also produce videos promoting tourism in the UK. My aim is to help Chinese students gain an understanding of English culture. The videos are usually short videos on Chinese social media. 



Little Red Book Followers

Little Red Book is a social media platform with over 100 million followers. This is a shopping platform but has a strong focus on user content and authenticity. This is app is like Instagram, as users post photos and reviews of products for others to like and comment. They can also save these product reviews to their ‘board’. 

Little Red Book has a predominately female audience as 90% of the users are middle to upper class women.  50% of these users are between 18-35 years old. The content focus of the app has resulted in luxury brands such as Dior and Channel on the app.  Another key area is tourism with posts featuring overseas destinations doing well. The app also has an ‘explore’ page where users can search for key words such as ‘travel’ or ‘England’. 

My Little Red Book account has 7,000 followers. The content I have posted is currently focused on books and education, with a view to share local tourist destinations such as Bath and Bristol. 


Douyin Followers

Douyin is a social media platform with 600 million followers. Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok, a video app sharing short videos. The app offers the chance for influencers to make money, with 22 million creators last year earning more than $6.15 billion. 

Douyin offers the chance to reach a Chinese audience of 600 million with more features than its Western counterpart TikTok. Douyin allows for e-commerce, livestreaming, sponsored challenges and a more detailed homepage. 

My Douyin account has a following of 31,000 followers. The videos I have posted are focused on books, education and English culture.  



One of the sectors my social channels focus on is education. My videos help to explain British language to Chinese students learning English.

The focus on British language includes a 'Tongue Twister Tuesday' series and 'Ways to Say' series. These have been met with high engagement and views, with followers commenting on how helpful they are.

The most viewed video on my channel is the ‘Received Pronunciation’ video which explains BBC Pronunciation and how the stereotypical ‘posh’ British accent only realistically exists in places like London. This video received 265K views and 18,000 likes on Douyin.


I enjoy making videos for my followers recommending books for different age categories, analysing them and summarising the novels. My followers are very engaged and often request book recommendations.

A fair amount of my followers are massive fans of the Harry Potter series and book videos on this series have done extremely well. These types of followers also tend to be very engaged with the content.

One video in the book sector is the Wuthering Heights book recommendation video, which has now achieved 27K views within four days of posting on Douyin.


Another sector I focus on is explaining British culture to my followers. A lot of these followers have great English language skills but may find themselves struggling to understand aspects of British culture. This is where my videos help to give them confidence in understanding British culture.

The 'British Slang Words/Phrases' and 'British Idioms' are two series which have done very well on my channel. The videos explain everyday British language and culture.

The ‘Cup of tea’ video explaining the phrase ‘that’s my cup of tea/that’s not my cup of tea’ has 70K views on Douyin.


I also enjoy making videos around tourism and places people wanting to go to the UK should visit. This includes local iconic areas around Bath and Bristol. As my followers are very interested in British culture, they enjoy the videos showing them cities in the UK.

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